SQLGrinder 2

Save Your Queries

Statement Library SQLGrinder provides a library where you can store, view and organize your saved SQL statements. It's in the library that the session history for each database can be found. You can also configure the SQL editor "Paste SQL" menu here. Additionally, you can execute SQL directly from the library, edit your statements, and open them in new SQL editors.

Easily Search Your Saved SQL Statements

Statement library search Like any good Mac application, SQLGrinder features a toolbar search-as-you-type field just about everywhere, and the SQL statement library is no exception. Searching and filtering is as easy as selecting a group of statements and typing.

Configure Your SQL Editor "Paste SQL" Menu

Statement paste menu The editor "Paste SQL" contextual menu item allows you to quickly enter frequently used SQL statements into your editor. The SQL statement library is where you can configure this feature. Just add any favorite SQL statements to the "Menu" group. Want submenus? Just make groups in the "Menu" group and submenus are created in the menu for you.

For help or comments: sqlgrinder [at] advenio.com.