SQLGrinder 2

Importing and Exporting Data

SQL editor export SQLGrinder makes data import and export simple. You can easily export data from result sets in your SQL editors by either using the Export command or by simply selecting rows and dragging them from SQLGrinder and dropping them on the desktop or by dropping them in another application.

Editor Export Command

The entire result set can be easily exported as a delimited text file by using the editor "Export" command.

Exporting From a Browser Table

Schema browser export When browsing the data of a table in the schema browser, data can be easily exported using the browser "Export" command.

When exporting, you can set the delimiter, add columns, specify the export column order and add export criteria.

Importing Into a Browser Table

Schema browser import Importing into a schema browser table is as simple as selecting a table and using the browser "Import" command. The import window allows you to specify the characteristics of the import file, and preview the column mapping.

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