SQLGrinder 2

Downloading the Latest Version

Advenio provides a demo of this application before purchase, and we strongly encourage you to try it before buying it, but if after your purchase you are not fully satisfied, Advenio will refund your purchase for up to 30 days after the date of the transaction minus any shipping costs and a restocking fee equal to the amount it costs us to process your order.

Your download should start within seconds. If it doesn't start, then click here to manually download your file.

SQLGrinder can be purchased for only $59 from the online store.

Benefits of registering

• Unlimited application features.
• Registration reminders no longer displayed at launch and quit.
• Registering supports the development of new and improved features.
• Registered users are invited to be beta testers of new features

Upgrading to SQLGrinder 2 from SQLGrinder 1

Owners of SQLGrinder version 1 licenses can upgrade to version 2 for only $19 by sending all of their original order information to sqlgrinder [at] advenio.com.

Original order information consists of the first and last name of the purchaser, the email address used to purchase the original license(s), the order number, and current serial number. If you don't have all of this information, send as much as you do have and we should be able to find and verify your original order.

For help or comments: sqlgrinder [at] advenio.com.