SQLGrinder 2

Browse Your Database

Schema Browser SQLGrinder makes it easy to browse your database schemas. Use the schema browser to view information for tables and views, such as columns, indexes and foreign and primary keys, and to view and edit table data.

The schema browser can also be used to inspect stored procedure names and their parameters. When using databases from Oracle, Sybase or Microsoft, you can also view the text of your stored procedures.

Search Your Database Objects

Schema browser search Like any good Mac application, SQLGrinder features a toolbar search-as-you-type field just about everywhere, and the browser is no exception. Searching and filtering is as easy as selecting a group of database items and typing. Finding what you are looking for is quick and easy.

View, Search and Edit Table Data

Search table data The browser data tab allows table data to be retrieved on demand, and then searched and sorted on the client side, just like result set tables in the SQL editor. Additionally, if your table has a primary key, you can edit the table data by double-clicking on a table cell and changing the value.

Tools to Help Build Your Database Objects

The browser also features tools, like the table builder, that make it easy to build database objects without writing any SQL code.

Import, Export, Drop, Truncate

The browser has commands and toolbar tools that make it easy to drop and truncate your tables.

There are lots of great features in SQLGrinder. Download the demo today and evaluate all of them!

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